Field & Country Fair 2016

Field & Country Fair at Cornbury Park as ticket office supervisor:
In June 2016 I was contracted for 3 days to provide event support at a country pursuits and fieldsports fair with around 300 exhibitors, supervising a team of 4 ticket sellers and 2 ticket checkers on one entrance gate for the duration of the 3-day event – collecting, checking and distributing cash floats, training staff to use the tills and allocating equipment, monitoring ticket sales, resolving queries, authorising till refunds/adjustments, managing staff rotas and breaks, maintaining staffs’ professional standards of conduct, monitoring and responding to event radio activity, proactively managing cash distribution and change requirements, running periodic attendance/capacity reports, confirming  ongoing staffs’ shift requirements, collating total sales and completing reconciliation paperwork, ensuring cash transfer and secure storage, proactively supporting a positive experience for visitors, communicating with public, exhibitors, event staff and colleagues throughout.